Thursday, August 14, 2008

Share your stories!

I have wanted to start a discussion board like this for a long time. Throughout the process I looked for children and adults who have parents with disabilities and it was not until recently when it was brought to my that i fit into this category. I did not even realize that I am an adult who has a parent with a disability. My dad had Multiple Sclerosis and has had it since about 10 years ago. I vaguely remember when he was diagnosed but I do remember being upset and scared because I did not even know what it meant. I just knew that it was not good and not supposed to be happening to him. Through the years he got worse and worse but I never ever once heard him complain. It was not until I got older and more recently that he has been telling me more and more about his condition and about the pain he is in. He says that he does not see it as a disability and he has such amazing courage and strength that I could only hope to possess one day. But it is still really hard to watch him walk around on crutches, in constant pain, knowing that there is nothing I could possibly do. This has had a lot of effect on my family and I but...I will talk about that in the next post.


Thank you all for coming!

My name is Jess, I recently graduated from Penn State and am planning on going to Physician Assistant school. In the mean time I am working in a group home with individuals with developmental disabilities. My father has a physical disability that brings along emotional problems as well; he has Multiple Sclerosis. My sister also has a developmental disability and she currently has a boyfriend and who knows, parenthood might be in the near future for her. And maybe her children will be on this site looking for peer advice and sharing her experience with others.

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